Burial and Cremation

Grave Plot and Burial                              

Grave plots are available in most cemeteries and we are here to help and advise on these choices as they are made. We can arrange the purchase of a grave plot if necessary.

Once we have the location of the grave, we will arrange for the opening and preparation of the grave. After the burial we arrange for soil to be returned and the grave to be closed and also ensure that it is left clean and tidy and any floral tributes can be left on top.


If you decide on cremation, we will arrange all documentation and the service. We take receipt of your loved ones ashes within 3-4 days after the cremation. We can then return these to the family and arrange for a final resting place for the ashes. The ashes can be interred in the family grave, kept by the family or scattered in a special place. If you decide to scatter the ashes, permission should be obtained from the owner or local authority if the land is not your private grounds.

Deery’s Funeral Directors will give you ample time to make such decisions and we are happy to discuss these options with you.